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There are many ways to misrepresent the true facts!

First it started with contaminated test kits, next it was false positives. After that, they resorted to reporting positive test results for people who didn't even show up to be tested. Next they increased the symptoms to include ANY cold or flu symptoms. Then they started tampering with the sensitivity of tests so that anyone can test positive. Cross relativity is also an issue with testing accuracy: Coronavirus antibodies from the cold or flu can yield a positive COVID-19 test. And now, they include "probable" cases as well! Anything to gin up the numbers and create panic!
In New York and other cities across the U.S., reckless choices were made with regard to the care of COVID patients (ventilating symptomatic patients immediately and sending COVID-positive elderly back into nursing homes, thus unnecessarily elevating the death counts.
What next? Anything to falsely inflate the number of cases so they can continue to instill fear in people and drive corrupt policies!

The CDC & the WHO have a habit of misrepresenting the data re: "pandemics," and COVID-19 is no exception!

Articles by Dr. Pamela Popper:

Deborah Birks admitted to counting all Deaths as COVID-19 deaths if the person tested positive for COVID-19... even if the person died from a heart attack!


Due to mistrust of the W.H.O. from past medical experimentation in the name of "humanitarianism," the President of Tanzania sent in COVID tests sampled from fruits & animals, etc. They all came back positive!

This nurse from Florida volunteered to work at Elmhurst Hospital in New York City, and reported:

  • Untested patients were placed on ventilators only to later test negative for COVID-19, yet they died due to the side effects of intubation!

  • COVID-negative & untested patients were tested repeatedly and placed in rooms with COVID-positive patients which caused ALL to become infected!

  • DO NOT RESUSCITATE orders were issued for young patients AGAINST the will of their families!

People were being murdered in New York City-- no wonder the statistics were so high for that city!

Texas Department of State Health Services - revised method for counting COVID-19 cases, including "probable cases" which can inflate case numbers by up to SEVENTEEN times! No diagnostic testing is needed to count as death as COVID-19!


  • Collin County, TX Health Services - COVID-19 cases inflated by 17-fold

  • Orange County, FL Health Officer - motorcycle accidents counted as COVID-19 death

Illinois Director of Public Health - Dr. Ngozi Ezike says that an a patient dying WITH COVID-19 is counted, even when Alzheimer's is the actual cause of death.

Italian Parliament Leader Vittorio Sgarbi blasts the chamber with accusations of false reporting of COVID-19 deaths.

6,400 COVID-19 deaths in New York because COVID-positive were patients were returned to nursing homes where it could spread like wildfire!